Napoleonics and the 300 point army

As much fun as our games are, there are those that like a good competitive game.

So thoughts have turned to how to field a competitive Napoleonic Army using Black Powder 2 rules?

At this point John Hutton has played with his light bulb and had a bright idea(he tends to have bright ideas…) and has done some serious numbers crunching and come up with a series of army lists. The initial lists correspond to the armies we are using at the moment, namely French and Russians. The rest will follow in time.

The aim is to be able to have a game in roughly 2.5 to 3 hours therefore allowing for a game of an evening, or our target for the year to commence a tournament for a minimum of 8 players at the local “Call to Arms” convention in August 2019.

Our initial points per army is a 300 point army.

I hosted 2 games the other night where my Russians faced Roberts French and Paul’s Russians faced Russell’s French Imperial Guard. The French won both games. For the purpose of these first games we decided to rate all commanders as rating 8’s. The standard in future will be 7 and then you pay 7 points extra to increase to an 8 and then 7 more to a  9 etc.

My army was:

  • Commander in Chief
  • Brigade Commander with 4 bttns Grenadiers plus battery
  • Brigade Commander with 4 bttns Musketeers plus battery
  • Brigade Commander with 4 bttns Jager
  • Brigade Commander with 2 regts Cuirassiers and 1 regt Uhlans
  • Brigade Commander with 2 regts Hussars, 2 Regts Cossacks and 1 horse battery

Robert fielded:

  • Commander in Chief
  • Brigade Commander with 6 bttns and a battery
  • Brigade Commander with 6 bttns and a battery
  • Brigade Commander with 2 regts Cuirassiers plus a horse battery
  • Brigade Commander with 2 regts Dragoons
  • Brigade Commander with 2 regts Chasseurs, 1 regt Lancers and a horse battery
  • 12pder battery

I got walloped. Tried to move up slowly allowing my artillery to shoot at long range where have extra shot…didn’t work. Skirmish line of Jager didn’t work,  cavalry wouldn’t charge(well try to) or when did…failed to reach French…and when we did reach them and fight…even with odds in my favour…Robert saved wounds and dealt them back…..with extra pain…..and Robert had his heavy cavalry on his right flank and they had a good time chopping me up and his horse artillery got onto flank of my cavalry who didn’t want to move.

Sigh…… one of those forgetable days at the office.

So lessons learned from game?

  1. Light cavalry are not battle cavalry and in a competitive game, you need battle cavalry so out they go and Cuirassiers/Dragoons the way to go. They will have their place in scenario/campaign/fun games.
  2. The heavy cavalry need a commander on a rating of 9 to ensure the cuirassiers who are reliable are running around on a rating 10. When you order them, you need them to do it. Dragoons will have to settle for a 9!
  3. Playing 3 small brigades of Russian infantry may be historically correct….but cannot afford it. Command rating 7’s with units in column gives a command rating effectively of 8. 2 brigade commanders 23 inches apart with the overall commander in between allows me to reroll a command roll either way and negates need to spend more points on them.
  4. Artillery…am Russians…need to field more guns…somehow…few test games to be played and will continue to tinker around. In meantime, Front Rank are going to need to send me some more figures as don’t have any Jager and subbing in Austrian landwher just does not look right.

Pictures of the 2 games below.

Terry Russian’s

Robert French

Paul W Russian’s

Russell’s French

Robert’s advance from the Frederick the Great playbook

My Austrian Landwher pretending to be Russian Jager skirmishing to the French front.

Russell advances

Russell’s Guard lancers

Paul’s heavies

Terry’s centre

Terry’s left …with Polish Uhlans pretending to be Russian’s… probably why they refused to move.

Terrys’ right with 2 new units having first battle, the 2nd unit of Hussars and the horse battery.

Bother…or words to that effect…what we see her eis a gap where a column of my infantry charged the French….the odds heavy in my favour…I lost…the infantry blew up…the gun battery to their left flank blew up…the skirmishers to their right retired,….

Rigth flank…the cavalry had refused to move…allowing Robert to geta horse battery on their flank…served them right. The jager had shot up the Dragoons so they could not charge…however their was a shaken unit of skirmishers with Cuirassiers to their front…it ain’t gunna be pretty.

Other flank…Hussars charge infantry…miss by 3 inches…what a lovely target they will make…..other Hussars had charged French cavalry…met in middle…shaken each other up and retired…..turning into ‘one of those nights’.

Other game…there seem to be units everywhere…but French guard I understand had the better of things…makes sense that doesn’t it.

And the Russian cavalry manage to destroy the Gods….that’s the gap in the left centre in front of the Russian Cuirassiers. The Militia are holding the line…that will be the wind up the French Imperial Guard won’t it.


And that was it….2 French victories. Hopefully that won’t happen next round of trial games.




Campaign Game: Bautzen 1813(played in 2019)

The latest Campaign 1813 game threw up a refight on the same terrain as the battle of Bautzen 1813.

The scenario rules for the battle are below.


The map to be battled over is below. In this battle our Campaign God Russell decided each side would not get the orbats for the other, however our scouting alerted us to the French commander Marmont probably having 3 infantry divisions,with some batteries and cavalry defending the river line. Oudinot was known to be advancing in support and our scouts had estimated his force at several infantry divisions and some cavalry.

It was my turn to run the Allied side and I was again Blucher. I placed the Prussian cavalry on the extreme left of our deployment with the orders to move round to threaten the French flank. The Prussian Guard infantry were split into 2 forces, both in the centre to the right of Bautzen where they were to hold until an appropriate time to dominate the French centre. The Prussian foot artillery to support the centre while the horse artillery was to face Bautzen with one battery added to the cavalry command.

PaulW again had the Russian Guard, or rather what remained of it after the battle of Spremberg, and they thirsted for revenge. They were placed on the Allied right flank with orders to advance and turn the French flank and be a blocking force on any approaching French reserves.

Keith would have Vorontsov’s troops with the infantry to the left of Bautzen with the cavalry the right. The Jager to skirmish in front of Bautzen and to await the Prussian reserves before engaging.

The Prussian reserves of Yorke to be split between Terry/Blucher and Keith. Terry to get 1st Brigade to support the cavalry on the left flank, Keith the 2nd/8th brigades for the assault on Bautzen and Dolf to support them.

From Constantines reserves, 14th Div to support Paul. The artillery to bombard Bautzen thus allowing the Prussian horse artillery to move to support the Prussian Guard assaults. The cavalry to join the left flank cavalry attacks.

Tormasov entry points were on eastern edge of table so we really needed to get control of that then bring the cavalry on in support of the Prussian cavalry. Keith/Terry to command.

The French force under Marmont were a surprise. They deployed leaving their left flank in the air, awaiting Oudinots arrival. After Spremberg where the French all arrived at the start and the Allied reserves much later, this was taking a risk as they had 3 entry points on  their left and no troops covering them.

Oudinots force was different to my assessment in that the 2nd division was cavalry and not infantry as expected.


We played this game at Alans house in his lounge/dining room. Its was a wee bit dark so the pictures are not the greatest. Below is the French right/Allied left flank.

A close up of the Bavarians on the French right flank with Bautzen to the top right. Bautzen town was held by 2 bttns while the castle had 2 more.

Prussian cavalry on flank ready to take off around the open flank.

Bautzen with Bavarians to the left rear and more French on other side of river on the right.

Allied centre with Prussian Guard, Russian Grenadiers, Prussian guns and Russian Dragoons…. French on other side of the river.

Allied right with PaulW’s Russian Guard

View from behind French right where Alan commanded 2 divisions.

French centre where Goldie had 1 division.

Prussian cavalry on turn 1, not the mad rush I hoped for.

However on Allied right…there was  a mad rush from the Russians.

In Allied centre batteries engage French guns over river while guard jager skirmish in front of brigade of guard.

PaulW ordered his grenadiers to turn and march off after the guard. Unfortunately the managed only to turn…thus presenting flank to French(like turning back time to Spremberg when same sight….).. however I managed to get a Dragoon division into the gap on order to charge any enemy that approached within 12 inches. Whew.

PaulW’s troops continue to pour across the Spree with no opposition.

On Allied left Yorke arrives early with 1st and 8th brigade marching onto table.

French view from behind Bautzen.Sorry, not a good photo. Russain guns have deployed in top left while 8th brigade marching down road towards Bautzen in top right.

View from French left where Goldies ladz see a lot of Russians closing in.

With PaulG rolling up the French left flank, and still no sign of their reserves…I launched the Prussian Guard into Goldie’s troops. My artillery on the right eventually took out the French artillery…. I got some good rolls with my horse artillery when advanced to point blank range.

Allied left where Prussian infantry and artillery are advancing on the Bavarians while I attempted to the the cavalry to charge…managed to get 1 charge away…on a shaken unit so forming square did not help them……but rest were very disappointing!

Its not looking good for Goldie as PaulW rolls up that flank.

Russian guns opposite Bautzen….1 battery at close range…1 battery moving behind them to set up on other side…..and 2 more batteries on the right. I love the large Russian batteries.

Troops lining up to charge Bautzen and also the supporting Bavarians.

In centre, Prussian guard have taken out the French guns and some infantry and engaged with more to their left.

Allied right where Prussian infantry attacking Bavarians.

Part of the massed Allied cavalry on the left waiting…and ….waiting to attack the juicy targets to their front.


It was at this point the French called the game.

Our 2 day game had lasted 5 hours……..the 3 divisions on the table were…doomed……the French reserves were due to arrive…but the Russian Guard and undamaged Prussian Guard with significant artillery and cavalry and all of exceptional quality(yes am biased) was waiting for them.

Post battle discussions resulted in a halt being called on the campaign. We will look to activate the armistice and allow the Austrians to save the Allies and recommence at a later time.

In mean time, we are looking to develop an army points system which John Hutton has designed. The first test of this is next week when 4 x 300 point armies will face off. The aim is to develop this and run a competition at the Wellington Warlords annual convention ‘Call to Arms’ in August. Its early days…but looks like will work so…well done and a big thank you to John for all the number crunching that has been done.

While we park the Campaign for the moment…a HUGE THANKS TO RUSSELL BRIANT for running and putting up with us through it!

We as a group now have increased French armies, new Russian and Prussian armies ready for the battles to come.


Campaign Game: Battle of Bautzen 2019

On the weekend of 19 – 20 January 2019 the latest campaign game was played. While I write up the official report with pictures of the action, here is an amusing take on the battle from one of the French commanders.


Set up – France’s 22nd Division on French left is deployed along the bank of River Spree, 21st Division holds Bautzen, 29th Division hold the French the right wing

Russians face French left wing, deploying from behind the hills 6ft in from left table edge and extending up to Bautzen.  Prussians deploy opposite Bautzen and the French right wing.

Battle commences at 7am.

The allies have cossacks everywhere scouting out the enemy. They have been tracking the movements of Oudinot’s forces and hindering their progress, delaying them enough to give the allies a major advantage.


Turn 1.  Russians advance on French left, reaching the left-most bridge. They position their belt-fed automatic artillery batteries on the hill overlooking the French left and start pouring fire into the French infantry.  Prussians advance and unlimber hordes of batteries opposite Bauzten and cavalry advances down the right flank. In a revolutionary new tactic, all the Allied cavalry form dense masses to manoeuvre more quickly and to allow more regiments to be packed into the frontline.

France’s 22nd Division extends to the left – a heroic thin “blue” line in the face of vast hordes of Russians!  French right wing consolidates along the Spree tributary.

Turn 2: Yorck arrives.  Russians sweep across river while Russian artillery start to mow down French battalions holding a thin line along the river.  Musket and artillery fire around Bautzen.

Turn 3: Tormasov arrives.  Russian Guard Cuirassiers charge into the French left formations. A French battalion panics and fails to form square (snake eyes1), who then suffer eight casualties in a turn, then the Guard cuirassiers make a sweeping advance but halted in hand-to hand-combat with a second battalion. The French General starts to wonder if Terry has played a cunning trick by Terry in making the French use the blue ‘N” dice. French players demand an inquiry into whether Terry has used Dark Magicks to curse the blue dice.

French left wing falls back.

Turn 4: On the French left Russian Guard Cossacks destroy a second French battalion (because really, why bother forming square at all), resulting in a broken brigade (2nd Brigade under Bouquet).   More artillery fire around Bautzen.  On the French right flank Russian Guard Uhlans charge across the tributary of the Spree and destroying a Bavarian battalion.  A sweeping advance fails.

Musket and artillery duels continue along the front.

Turn 5: Oudinot scheduled to arrive.  With their superior intelligence (snigger), the Russians anticipate Oudinot’s arrival and position three Russian Guard and Grenadier battalions to await him, supported by the Guard Cuirassiers. In the centre Prussian jaegers stream across the Spree advancing on Bautzen.  Tormasov’s cavalry mass on French right wing, with horse artillery emplaced.

The French still think they have a chance until they see the Moscow Opolchenie marching forward from their reserve position. The site of these awesome forces puts the French army into full flight.

The French capitulate. Or the advance of the Moscow Oplochenie after the battle had ended resulted in ironic cheers, but the Russian commander was delighted that his new units had finally been able to move!.

Back in Paris Napoleon is informed of the disaster on the Spree. 50 battalions cut to shreds by allied cavalry. Green French infantry unable to form adequate squares and skewered by Cossack spears. The total absence of French cavalry and artillery is laid bare and the populace is baying for a resumption of hostilities.

In order to appease the rioting crowds and attempt to replenish their infantry, the Allies are forced to sue for an armistice.

ACW game December 27th 2018

So Goldie and I decided to play an ACW game for a change over the Xmas break. I picked the ACW scenario on the Battle of Kernstown from the Black Powder 2 book.

Goldie would of course be the Union and I the rebels.

The stated Victory conditions are:

Jackson’s aim was simply to inflict as much damage as possible upon Shield’s Division and he would probably have attacked regardless of where he’d found him. As such the game is all about casualties.

To achieve victory the Union must break both Burk’s and Garnetts brigades – Faulkerson’s and Ashby’s brigades are to small to be conted towards the destruction of Jackson’s force. Similarly, for a Confederate victory any two of Kimball’s, Sullivan’s or Tyler’s brigade must be broken.

The Union force was:

  • Kimball – 4 regts and 2 batteries
  • Sullivan – 3 regts and 1 battery
  • Tyler – 5 regts and 2 batteries
  • Brodhead – 5 cavalry regts of varying tiny/small size

Confedrate force was:

  • Garnett – 5 regts and 3 batteries
  • Burk – 3 regts and 2 batteries
  • Faulkerson – 2 regts and 1 battery
  • Ashby – 2 tiny cavalry regts and a horse artillery battery

The set up map is below.


The Union infantry were large units armed with rifled muskets and their artillery and mix of 12 pdr and 3″ rifled guns. The Confederates were regular units with rifled muskets or smooth bores. Their artillery were 6pdr smooth bores.

Below we have the set up on rebel right flank with the small cavalry brigade with the Union cavalry across stream in woods. Union infantry occupy farmhouse and fields in front of hill in centre with Union guns on the hill.

Rebel right where the Union in the centre can be seen and the Rebels not yet on battlefield.

Close up of the Rebel cavalry. They were a major let down, would not dismount…

Rebel left and in a rush the troops and guns arrive.

Combined Rebel artillery and musketry start to punch holes in the Union line. The Union guns on the hill are doing damage, but I started retiring the damaged units and recover morale on them rather than risk them being destroyed.

On Rebel left brigade heads for the stonewall…where it would win its famous note in history, the ‘Stonewall brigade’.

In centre Rebel units are taking some damage from the Union batteries on hill and unit in the farmhouse.

On left brigade almost at Stonewall. They weren’t moving very fast! In centre Union infantry have broken and retired.

Union reserves appear behind hill. Unit in farmhouse not retired as in cover….so have to blast them out! Guns on hill damaged and retired.

On left flank…cavalry still will not dismount…Union skirmishing cavalry are closing in.

Finally…at the Stonewall……fresh Union brigade approaching.

Union regt forced out of farmhouse…part of broken brigade so now has to retire.

Stonewall brigade not advances towards flank of hill. The Union guns would not get concentrated fire from both cannons and musket…..they would break.

After several attempts a Rebel regt finally managed to follow orders and take possession of the town. The combined firepower from them, the battery and the unit in foreground broke the Union cavalry.

It was at this time the game was called. The Union had lost their artillery(its actually broken…photo not good enough)…they had 2 broken brigades and did not hold the hill. They would be obliterated if tried to take hill with largely intact rebel gun line supported by quality infantry, which they were not.

History once again changed!

Roman reinforcements – Balearic Slingers

So new addition to Roman army is a single unit or could be fielded as 2 small units of skirmishing Balaeric Slingers.

These are Warlord Games metal figures and are quite nice sculpts, minimal flash or mould lines and a nice change from Napoleonics.(I know…how can this be…maybe they have a different sculptor to other metals of theirs I have purchased!)

Unit of skirmishimg slingers on 20mm round bases.

Close up of unit, there are 5 differing poses which makes for a nice mix. Went with a sky grey tunic, scarlett cloak highlighted blood red and dwarf flesh with just an ink and re highlight. 4 or 5 hair colours and leather slings/sandles. Bronze clasp on cloak and thats about it. Nice, simple colours and relaxing to paint.

Action shot…hiding amongst ruins on a hillside.

So that’s brief dabble back into Ancients.

Paint table has a unit of Austrian Chevau Legers, Rosenbergs for my 1809 army just finishing basing(Goldie has painted them for..was only meant to do troopers but he got carried away and painted horses as well). Beside them are the 12 horses for the 2nd half of my Russian Hussars which I will do next. Goldie has taken away a Russian 3 gun horse battery to paint, and I will carry on painting the 24 Perry Cossack horses after the Russian Hussars.

Fun fun!!



Eggmuhl 1809 scenario

Played a small game with Goldie other night. One of the meeting engagements in the early stages of the 1809 campaign in Austria. Paul worked out sides and terrain was from one of my many books on period.

Paul was the Austrians and his forces were:

  • Advance Guard of 2 Grenz bttns and 2 Hussar regts
  • Line brigade of 4 large bttns
  • Line brigade of 4 large bttns

All his commanders were 7’s.

My French were from Davout’s Corp with my commanders being Davout himself along with Friant, St Hilaire and Montbrun… all commanders 9’s!

  • Friant – 1 legere and 4 ligne bttns
  • St Hilaire – 1 legere and 4 ligne bttns
  • Montbrun – 2 Hussar Regts

Initial set up below. Austrians on rolling terrain…I have a freeking great wood in the middle of my deployment area so I split forces with Friant and Montbrun on left of woods and then  Davout is with St Hiliare on the right. Decided to be very unfrench and start infantry in line.

Man was I stooooopid.

Austrians set up with infantry brigade on either flank of wood and Advance Guard Grenz in centre and a marauding Hussar unit with each line brigade.

Austrian columns heading towards my boyz.

French left where Montbrun is going to rush around the Austrian flank and hopefully stall them so Friant can advance and smash them! I think Montbrun had a hangover as he was pretty darn useless all game. Didn’t like moving.

Over on the right the legere are securing flank in the woods.

Right flank and French lined up in…lines ready to shoot.

While over on the left flank…Montbrun still has not moved…..Friant also has not moved and shortly several units will miss interpret the….’Advance Order’  with the, ‘Retreat Order’. Since when do Davout’s troops in 1809 ever retreat you may ask…believe me I was asking……Paul was starting to laugh about now.

Great…..Austrian Grenz in the woods…you will note there is no sign of the legere…….forest goblins ate them I suspect……they seemed to evaporate……moving into rear support a unit to fill the gap, or rather….. trying to move them as they didn’t seem very keen to go into the woods.

Over on the left…I put the infantry in attack columns…..Montbrun has 1 cavalry unit left…..pathetic performance by other one and they also evaporated.

Last throw of the dice…….forced infantry into square….Austrian cavalry come out to play…..its at this stage of a game I start to question how Perry Miniatures Cavalry get as many dice as Front Rank Cavalry…we are clearly much heavier beasts……those Austrian ponies are smaller than my mutt!

Over on the right……thank god the Austrians don’t really want to move forward either…although another hole has appeared…..not only do my troops not want to move…they can’t shoot either…what was in that darn wine last night Davout is asking….when he can actually focus enough to think……

At this stage we called in quits. Over on left my infantry had charged…won a combat, pushed back a unit and in new Black Powder v2 followed up back into combat. The cavalry fight resulted in both units backing off……so that was okay for French…but on French right was a done deal…Austrian’s clear winners. Lessons learned…don’t be a twat….1809 French run around in columns……always…….and just because u have superior commanders don’t expect they are going to get orders off!

And here’s the mutt…he is much bigger than a Perry Hussar on his shetland pony!

The real culprit was these things…Blue dice…have been using the Green Russian and Yellow Austrians for so long now…I think these guys were sulking.


Thankfully, next big game in January will be safely back in the bosom of Mother Russia and her green Dice!









My first Early Imperial Roman Army were 15mm Mikes Models figures. They really looked like small, squat dwarves. Probably close to those dwarves in the Hobbit movie. It was so long ago I bought them by getting 2 pound postal notes and sending them to the UK for the figures!

Then in the early 2000’s a group of us did a big order to Foundry when they had a sale…about only time you could afford to buy in bulk(postage and VAT is a killer and they do charge TOP $$). So I purchased an EIR army. Most of the army was painted by Craig Watterson for me and it was based to play Piquet ancient rules. Then Warhammer Ancient battles was released, and that was it…..a rule system I could get into, nice fluffy books written by enthusiasts and with nice pictures!

With the demise of WAB, the figures languished in boxes. Then Hail Caesar was released….and as I kind of understand Black Powder…it was an easy rule transition to make. I find am getting old(some would say grumpy, at times a justified comment!) and limited ability to learn new rule sets so Terry was a happy man.

So last Xmas I started a rebase of my troops. I have based units onto 60mm x 60mm bases with 3 bases making a unit for infantry and 6 for cavalry(3 bases wide and 2 deep). Formed infantry units are of around 20 figures per unit and cavalry are 2 figures to a base. The Army are a base of Foundry metal figures, I have added some Newline legionnaires at one stage and more recently there are Warlord Games units added. There are lots more to paint and about 5 years ago I bought some lovely A&A 2nd Century Romans which will be getting started on soon. These will be seperate infantry and cavalry commands. I also have a 10th century Byzantine Army which from time to time feels some paint love.

The Army as it currently stands has 4 infantry and 2 cavalry commands

The Emperors Command group is quite large and strong, 2 Units of veteran Legionnaires, 1 unit Praetorians, 1 unit Cataphracts, 2 units Auxila, 1 unit Scorpios and 2 small units of archers. Not decided exactly how to base my skirmishers…working on it.

Infantry Command 1 of 4 units Legionnaires, 1 small unit Auxilia archers, unit Scorpios and small skirmish unit of archers.

Infantry Command 2 of 4 units Legionnaires and small unit skirmishing archers. A Scorpio unit will be added.

Infantry Command 3 of 3 units of Auxila, 1 unit Celts, unit Scorpios and small unit of archers.

Cavalry Command 1 of 2 units Auxila Cavalry. They will be getting 2 more units of cavalry.

Cavalry Command 2 of 1 unit and 1 small unit of Auxilia Cavalry. I have managed to get some more Foundry cavalry on Trade me(NZ’s ebay) so will expand the small unit out. They will also be getting 2 more units of cavalry.

Casualty markers – these dice are to big so will get dice to match shield colour of units, and are smaller. Have 10 at moment but making more so every unit has one allocated.

The Emperor, enough said!

Foundry Praetorians

Foundry Legionnaires, they used several sculptors hence differing size of figures. There is a Newline hidden in there as well.

Warlord Games Legionnaires. Good size and style match for the Foundry figures.

Foundry Auxilia

Warlord Games Auxilia. Tower over the Foundrys!

Foundry Auxila Cavalry

Warlord Games Auxila Cavalry, really nice figures.


Foundry archers. Have both Eastern and Western archers in mix.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…..

Well, actually Group member Alan painted these, they are Warlord Games figures. Then Victrix bought out theirs and Alan decided to sell these on Trade Me(local ebay) and invest in new figures. I boosted the price on Trade Me several times as you do…then got left holding them. Not that complaining, they fit in and I have a small unit of Foundry Celts painted so will add a few more to them and boost up to a second Warband.

Foundry Archers. Am allowed up to 2 skirmish units per command so will add some more skirmishers. Have some Balaeric slingers and Greek javelinmen to add.

The paint table looking tidy with selected Romans units to add.

Close up of what will be coming off the production line. There’s 4 command packs of Generals to go on command bases. A unit of metal Auxilia cavalry, the Balaeric slingers(2 small units), a battery of 3 Scorpios , an Onager, a unit of Auxilia infantry and a unit of Veteran legionnaires. After these will add some more Cavalry. All purchased either on Warlord deals or sale at local Online Retailer, Mighty Ape.

Then will move onto the camp command. Have some wagons, mules, engineers etc plus will look to the new ‘Gangs of Rome’ range for some camp followers.